5 Reasons You’ll Love the New RU More Than … Anything


Why learning really is fun – and fundamental – on the new platform

The perks of being a RE/MAX Sales Associate are almost too many to list. High on that list of advantages, though, is something available to each and every Affiliate: the New RU.

It’s received a facelift, but it remains the one-stop shop for RE/MAX education, continuing education and training videos. Plus, there’s a wealth of certifications, designations and courses.

Here are a few reasons why the New RU is better than ever:

  1. It gets you – like, really gets you

The New RU wants to take the guesswork out of your relationship. Interested in ACP? Watched a few videos on earning referrals? The New RU is taking note – and using it to provide custom programming recommendations best suited to your needs and attention.

  1. There’s more to love

One designation does not fit all – and the New RU recognizes that. That’s why there are now more than 70 designations and certifications to choose from. It’s official: There is something for everyone.

  1. Hello, it’s new

What’s not to love about something new? The New RU features enhanced searchability (hello, integrated dropdown options), new videos populated on the home page (hello, things that help your business) and – wait for it –the ability to enroll in designations that offer continuing education (hello, convenience). Plus, you’re able to check which designations are offered in your state, making it easy to find approved, discounted CE courses that apply directly to your market.

  1. You’re competitive. And it understands.

Never heard of gamification? Not a problem. It basically just means you’re in it to win it – and who doesn’t like to win? (After all, you’re with RE/MAX, of course you like being the best.) Earn points and badges as you use the site, and challenge your colleagues to see who can reach the highest score.

  1. It’s just like Netflix – but better

Don’t believe it? It’s chock-full of popular titles, tracks your recently watched videos and, for your viewing pleasure, keeps them all readily accessible right on the home page. So go ahead, binge watch. It’s for your career.


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