5 Keys for Building a Successful Real Estate Business

The Bishop Real Estate Group has been one of the top-producing teams in California’s Sacramento Valley for more than a decade. Read Kendra Bishop’s top tips and build your own thriving business.

1. Find what about real estate inspires you

and create your lane – it could be a certain region, relocation, luxury, bank-owned, investors, over-55 communities, buyers, sellers, whatever. Find your niche and grow your business from there. If you have passion for what you do, you will be wildly successful.

2. Treat your business like a business

You need a strategy for six major areas:
– Financial: sales goals, marketing goals, P&L, operating expenses, etc.
– Marketing/Advertising: budget, image advertising vs. client advertising, print media strategy, online strategy, etc.
– Client Database Management: What is your tracking mechanism? What are your processes for keeping your clients organized?
– Client Communication: When, how, how often?
– Agent Database: In your market, in feeder markets, what is your reputation?
– Marketing Collateral: What do you have for listing presentations, buyer presentations, preferred vendor list, relocation presentations, etc.?

3. Treat clients how you want to be treated

Most real estate is bought or sold during highly emotional times (marriage, divorce, job loss, relocation, loss of family member, etc). Take the time to know your client’s story. Become a part of it in a positive way.

4. Re-invest and re-invent

Stay educated. Real estate is changing daily. Always, always stay in the know. And don’t be afraid to re-invent yourself. Your market is changing, so change with it. Stay relevant.

5. Every story, every transaction, every day is different, but if you keep repeating the core, critical principles while staying open to change as the market changes, you will create a thriving, successful business!

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