5 Goal-den Tips from a Hockey Nut

Ken Eddy

Ken Eddy, a Lifetime Achievement Award winner with RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) in Calgary, Alberta, has built his success on a vast labyrinth of relationships and referral connections. Eddy, who joined the network over 27 years ago, is a widely known top producer and author – and a fixture at RE/MAX events.

One big connection-builder: hockey. In 1994, Eddy helped form Team RE/MAX Canada, a hockey squad of RE/MAX Affiliates, employees and friends that’s been playing on and off ever since – often internationally. Eddy shares a personal account of his adventures with the hockey team, as well as a few thoughts on longtime success in real estate and life:

  1. Stay focused

“It’s easy to get distracted by the latest shiny object and forget where your business comes from. My number one source of business is past clients. Number two is agent referrals. If agents would take the time they devote to shiny new objects and ask themselves if they’re doing a good job with past clients, most would have to admit they aren’t.”

  1. Be visible

“If you don’t attend RE/MAX and industry conferences, you really hurt your chances of building a solid pipeline of agent referrals. Build a network and then stay in touch.”

  1. Leverage your strengths

“You discover your strengths through self-reflection – trying new things and seeing what you’re really good at. Once you’ve done that, go all-in.”

  1. Learn from experience

“When Wayne Gretzky says he knows where the puck is going, that’s experience talking. When you build your real estate experience, you start to know where each transaction is going. You see the personalities and the people involved, and you know how they’re going to react. You see things happen before they happen.”

  1. Have passion

“Real estate is a wonderful career, filled with great experiences, great people, and great passions – like, for me, the RE/MAX hockey team. My advice: Do your best every day – it makes life richer and you get more out of it.”

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