Top 100 Tips: Diamond Club Member’s 4 Ways to Step Up Your Game

Nancy Liu

Perennial top producer Nancy Liu has spent 30 years perfecting her craft in the Los Angeles area, where she’s helped literally thousands of buyers and sellers since joining RE/MAX in 1991.

A fixture in the annual RE/MAX Top 100 – highlighted by a No. 8 ranking among U.S. agents in 2017 – the RE/MAX 2000 agent in City of Industry, California, has learned a thing or two about finding success in the real estate business. Here are a few of her tips:

1. Show people who you are
From the very beginning, Liu always included her photo on her listing ads, which at the time wasn’t the norm. She believes that visibility helped build her original client base.

“At first, no one knew me. But in time people came to know my name and my face,” says Liu, a 2018 Luminary of Distinction inductee. Although she now relies primarily on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat clients, she’s still marketing.

“Gaining new clients is still important. Repeat clients are not enough,” she says. “I still work to reach new clients through Facebook, fun postcard mailings and other things like that.”

2. Start each day with vital tasks
Liu schedules her essential calls for first thing in the morning, enabling her to get vendor and escrow appointments done before she launches into the rest of her day. She also saves time by working with just two escrow companies; she’s able to get updates on all her accounts with only two calls each day.

3. Plan the day in advance
Liu also spends time each morning reviewing the housing market in her service area, closely monitoring the day’s active listings and recently sold properties. She manages her daily schedule using a traditional, paper appointment book, with blocks for each hour of the day.

“I have 30 of them stacked in my office, representing each year of my real estate career,” she says of the books. “I find using an appointment book instead of an e-calendar is useful when I’m driving, since I always have today’s page open – it’s easy to jot down a quick note.”

4. Leverage the power of the brand
Liu says her affiliation with RE/MAX has provided a true competitive advantage through the years.

“The RE/MAX name conveys quality to consumers. It assures them they’re getting a professional with a deep knowledge of the market,” she says. “They know I’m working for them and representing their interests.”



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