4 Reasons Why Some Teams Fail

In-demand coach Judy LaDeur knows her stuff. Here she shares some key team-building mistakes Team Leaders can avoid.

1. The wrong mix of personalities

Two types of agents that really love being on a team are the amiable and the analytical agent. Both are security-oriented. The amiable personality – the support person – gets their joy and satisfaction from doing their job really well and making the Team Leader look good. The analytical agent is detail oriented and systemized. If the Team Leader shows appreciation in an appropriate manner, analytical agents will stay for years.

2. Controlling rather than guiding

Many Leam Leaders are ‘driver’ personalities. They enjoy the chase, but not the paperwork and follow-up. A driver team leader may look for someone whose activities they can control versus hiring the right person for the task. For example, the driver may hire the amiable personality without understanding how best to work with that personality. Drivers tend to throw things (figuratively) at their team members. The amiable person doesn’t respond well to that. They need direction and structure. If you hire people according to their natural abilities, and understand how to manage them, you’re going to have a better end result.

3. A hyperfocus on “me”

A Team Leader’s role is similar to that of a Broker, whose job revolves around recruiting and retaining agents, and increasing their production. Team Leaders don’t always approach the table like that. When you approach the lead position from a ‘me’ standpoint, the team won’t be as productive. Give your team members what they need to succeed, and they’ll make sure you look good.

4. Missing opportunities to expand with the best

Team Leaders have a lot of cross sales with agents in the marketplace. Pay close attention to the people you work with to close transactions. If you like the way someone’s done the job, send that agent a thank-you note after the sale and ultimately recommend that he or she join your team. Those agents might be looking for the security that a team offers.

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