4 Keys to Luxury Success

Tammy Campbell-Plummer, who leads the Campbell-Plummer Merritt Group with Carole Merritt at RE/MAX Metro in Florida’s Tampa Bay area, shares her advice for finding success in the luxury market.

1. Approach clients with confidence
Tammy Campbell-Plummer knows it’s hard to break into the luxury market, but preparation and confidence can win the day. When she interviewed for her first multimillion-dollar waterfront listing, the prospective client asked how many luxury homes she had sold in her career. “Well, none yet. Yours will be my first.” And it was.

2. Prepare to be hands-on
Luxury sellers have high expectations. “Most of them want concierge-level service. Once they know you and they see the quality of your involvement, they trust you and become very loyal. And they don’t reach out to anyone else.”

3. Narrow your marketing focus
When Campbell-Plummer first started prospecting, she realized it was ineffective to market to areas she didn’t know well. “So I focused on the area I was familiar with. I became much more successful marketing on a hyper-local level.”

4. Have a genuine passion for people
“Always try to remember that you’re selling someone’s home, not a commodity. I’m passionate about respecting and empathizing with my clients. They know I’m being genuine, to the point where some of my clients are now my good friends.”

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