4 Essential Moves in Mentoring

Nimesh Patel, co-owner of RE/MAX Fine Properties – the largest RE/MAX single office in the U.S. three year running –  offers these tips:

1. Ask and listen.

The first thing he does: Ask a lot of questions. “We ask a lot of questions to find out what type of business our agents want, what type of team they want to grow. Then we dive into it strategically to come up with a program tailored to them.”

2. Learn and model good behavior.

The Patels have a business mentor and coach themselves. In fact, they learned under Momentum creator David Scott before he became connected to RE/MAX. The brothers still use many principles they learned through the RE/MAX Momentum program.

3. Share.

“The more you share the more you get back. If you’re a team leader, I’m going to coach you on how to give to your agents. This includes knowledge, successful business practices and successful living. I tell my team leaders they ‘can’t step over dollars to make dimes.’ So why not hand off leads to a team member? If you help your agents find success, their overall success becomes better for you.”

4. Build from within.

“We concentrate on the people we have, and we work hard to retain them.” To some extent, the Patels don’t have to recruit – because their team leaders do it for them.

Read more about Patel’s approach to mentoring.



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