3 Tips for Serving LGBTQ Real Estate Clients

1. Know the local laws that can protect LGBTQ clients.
When looking for a new neighborhood to call home, 95% of LGBTQ homebuyers identify feeling safe in their community as a top concern, according to a report from Freddie Mac. Understanding local protections for LGBTQ clients is just as important as knowing their wants and needs in their next home, says Olson.

“NAGLREP has a massive knowledge base. If you don’t know the answer to a question, they can certainly find it,” Olson says.

According to Ruzick, NAGLREP isn’t just a resource for agents, but for clients as well. RE/MAX agents who join NAGLREP are listed in a searchable database of LGBTQ allied real estate professionals.

2. Demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity.
A great way for agents to demonstrate their commitment to a diverse client base is by joining their local NAGLREP chapter. Olson says the organization is the most successful referral network he’s ever joined.

“I’ve received six NAGLREP referrals within the past year, and client searches on the NAGLREP database have certainly helped to grow my business.”

3. Align yourself with other allies.
From day one, RE/MAX and its agents have strived to be a brand dedicated to helping all homebuyers and sellers find their way home.

By living out their values of inclusivity on the individual level, especially when unified under the RE/MAX brand, Olson says RE/MAX Affiliates can help change the world. “From the boardroom down, RE/MAX has made a commitment to diversity,” Olson says. “The impact expands far beyond the U.S. By helping to drive the conversation of inclusivity, RE/MAX is also showing support for agents in countries where being LGBTQ is still considered a crime. It shows the No. 1 brand in real estate stands with them.”

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