3 Tips for Building a Collaborative Office Environment

RE/MAX Broker/Owner and builder, Christy Hicks, works hard to create a cooperative culture where learning goes both ways.

1. Create reasons for your agents to come into the office.
Christy Hicks didn’t want a brokerage where everyone was just telecommuting—with no chance to ever see and mentor members of her team. So, she purposely leaves packages for her agents to stop in and pick up and often arranges shared office lunch breaks. “I make a point for us all to come in and have lunch together a couple of times a week,” she says. “That lets us all sit around and just share what’s going on.”

2. Situate your office in an inviting space that agents want to work in.
“With the opening of our Knoxville office, we wanted to create a place where agents wanted to be,” Hicks says. The historic 1910 home that houses her RE/MAX TriStar office in Knoxville is in a booming area with craft breweries, restaurants, bike trails, and a streetscape revitalization project nearby.

3. Understand that all agents—regardless of where they are in their career path—can learn from one another.
“I have agents who have been in business 10 or 12 years, and I have ones who have only been in the business two months,” Hicks says. “Some have $10 million in transaction sales, and some just $300,000. But when we are together, we are all learning something new from each other, every day.”

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