3 Things You Can Start Now to Build a Powerhouse Brokerage

1. Choose a system you believe in – and stick to it

Believe in your system and practice the system. As a Broker/Owner, teaching others is more effective when you are able to share a system with a proven track record of success — and one with a reliable blueprint for others to follow. Instilling confidence in others comes from knowing that the system you are introducing has a history of yielding favorable results and can be duplicated.

2. Take a hands-on approach to developing your agents

Recognize that agents have high times and low times. Offer training they can implement during the high times so their business doesn’t hit as much of a low. When it hits a low, those agents may start to doubt themselves, even questioning whether they should stay in the industry. Encourage them to come to training every week to reset.

3. Realize loyalty is the PR money can’t buy

When you host training and other events at your office, realize that agents attending from other brokerages tend to socialize afterward and compare thoughts on your office. This extends to social media, where they’ll likely post pictures and exchange more thoughts. A successful event creates priceless PR for you when it encourages agents to mull this question: “Does my brokerage do this?”

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