3 Steps to Social Media Mastery

Crafting messages and finding time for social media can be painless when you follow this guide and use apps that work for you

By Cory Vasquez

There are two major tenets of social media success: Provide value and engage with your followers. So how do you meet these standards? Study these three lessons, and you’ll become a social media wizard in no time.

1. Find Your Inspiration

The question isn’t “Should you be on social media?” The question is “How can you offer value online?”

If you haven’t already done so, pick your platforms – and be prudent. It’s better to not have an account on the latest and greatest social network than to create one and let it collect dust. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – it’s up to you where you want to start. But you have to commit.

Consider creating a YouTube or Vimeo channel, where you can post brief personal-promotion videos. You also can share videos from the RE/MAX YouTube Brand Channel on your own channel to keep it fresh.

If content is a challenge, start by sharing what’s already out there. If you’re looking for targeted consumer tips, share posts directly from “On the Move: The RE/MAX Blog” and share links to the Advice guides on remax.com.

Remember: Interactions online should be treated with the same professional courtesy as face-to-face chats. When people interact with you – whether it’s a new “follow” or a comment – take the time to acknowledge them.

TIP: Visit thedownload.remax.com for great social media and technology tips for real estate agents.


POCKET – Save links to share later.

PIC STITCH – Create photo collages on your phone. 

PICMONKEY – Crop, tone and fully customize photos.

SOUNDCLOUD – Record radio shows, interviews and more. 

2. Optimize Your Content Plan

Managing social media should be an easy and quick, once-a-week process. Take a step back – consider the week ahead.

With your Pocket app (see Lesson 1) filled with links from the prior week and content from the RE/MAX Blog and social sites, you’ll have more than enough to share. Pose questions within your posts to engage your friends and followers in a conversation.

Next, connect your accounts to an app like Hootsuite, Buffer or Swayy that can help you manage posts. You can supplement your day-to-day interactions with occasional scheduled posts, which means the app automatically posts to your accounts at times you set.

TIP: Be careful not to lose your authenticity; if you schedule all your posts, your friends and followers will notice and may tune you out.


BUFFER – Create a queue of automated posts to drip across platforms at the times Buffer suggests.

HOOTSUITE – Free, top-rated, cross-platform content manager. 

SWAYY – Predicts what you should post in the future by analyzing your past posts. 

3. Expand Your Influence

Find influencers and become one of them by targeting the content and users with the most reach.

If you want to become a social media pro, you have to seek feedback and be nimble. Some of these tools work together – and you can exchange data from one to another to maximize your absolute potential for effective social reach.

Many of the resources here offer free features to show you the power of their analytics – and they are well worth the subscriptions. Use them to:

• Post when everyone is looking

• Engage with influential people who will share your content

• Attract influential followers


SOCIALBRO – Learn the best time to tweet and which kinds of tweets are most influential. 

TWEETREACH – Generate detailed reports on your Twitter influence. 

TWTRLAND – It’s all about advocates! The geographical search feature on this site is impressive. 

LIKEALYZER – Immediate feedback on your Facebook page. 


HASHTAG: a #word or #groupofwords marked with the pound sign, making social media posts easy to find. They immediately get filtered into a stream of similar conversations.

TIP: Don’t use more than three hashtags at once – and make sure they’re relevant. Consider using hashtags that are popular in your local area, too!

#therighthome (2014 ad campaign)
#REMAXAbove (ABOVE Magazine)
#remaxBOC (Annual Broker Owner Conference)


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I have recently acquired a RE/MAX brokerage and part of the initial stages of making my mark is the change to a more dynamic web presence along with regular posts on the relevant social medias. I’m going to pass this along to my sales team and admin staff. Great opportunities for making this easier and more efficient while still being targeted.

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