Kicking it Off Right! 2017 R4 Opening General Session

Fueled by the passion of 110,000 agents, the RE/MAX network celebrates another year as the worldwide sales leader.

By Stephanie Visscher

It was impossible not to feel the energy.
At the 2017 RE/MAX R4 Convention’s opening session in Las Vegas Feb. 27, it was clear how extraordinary a global presence in more than 100 countries and territories really is. The Mandalay Bay event center was filled with eager chatter in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and dozens of other languages. Bursts of jubilant cheers and flag waving broke out in various sections of the arena. Group photos – family photos, really – were being snapped everywhere.

One world. One RE/MAX. And one major reason to celebrate – following 1.6 million closed residential transactions in 2016, nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.


Great host, great leader

When a crowd of 6,000 comes together with this much excitement, you don’t rein things in – you take them even higher. That’s exactly what Emmy Award-winning entertainer Wayne Brady did as the show’s host. Following an unforgettable parade of colorful flags from countries and territories where RE/MAX has a presence, the Master of Improvisation kicked off the program with a frenzied – and funny – real estate rap built on word suggestions from the audience. The crowd loved it. And the energy grew even more.

Brady was soon joined by RE/MAX CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder Dave Liniger, who quickly noted why RE/MAX continues to be so successful.

“We’re the leaders in the industry because of the quality of the real estate agents and brokers in this room,” said Liniger, noting that 2016 was the best real estate year in the past decade.

With attendees from 60 countries, this year’s R4 convention – a week of networking, learning and sharing – is a vibrant display of diversity and unity, just as it always has been.

RE/MAX wasn’t designed to dictate or mandate the way people lived their lives, Liniger said. The whole point was to create an environment in which agents “could do more business in less time, make more money and have more time for their families.”

For Cara Alboucq of RE/MAX Fine Living, learning the legacy of RE/MAX from the founders was a highlight.

“Hearing from Dave was my favorite part,” she said. “I’m a new agent, so it was neat to see where RE/MAX started. That really fired me up.”

Brand power

As Liniger told the crowd, RE/MAX is designed to help Associates achieve whatever level of success they seek. So the conversation turned to business – and how that design is working out.

Kerron Stokes, Sales Manager of RE/MAX Leaders in Centennial, Colorado, and Dane Rickard of RE/MAX Professionals in Littleton, Colorado, joined Chief Operating Officer Adam Contos on stage to discuss the immense power of being with RE/MAX.

“The biggest thing for me is how dynamic this brand is. It really allows you to double down on your goals and your dreams as a business owner,” Stokes said. “If you utilize all the things the brand has to offer, not only does it let you grow your business exponentially – and in my case my team’s business exponentially – it allows you to use those tools to serve your clients better. And that’s the most important thing in what we do.”

Creating value all the time

Michael Thorne, a 100 Percent Club member with RE/MAX Little Oak Realty in Fort Langley, British Columbia, came on stage to discuss the importance of personalized, localized social media marketing with Cory Vasquez, Director of PR & Social Media. Thorne has built good will, visibility and opportunity through an innovative, community-focused approach to social videos.

“We’re the leaders in the industry because of the quality of the real estate agents and brokers in this room.”-RE/MAX CEO Dave Liniger

Two other onstage conversations followed, covering professional development (RE/MAX University!) and the art of global consumer marketing.

“When you’re No. 1, you need to remain competitive,” said Amy Somerville, Vice President of Education and Training. “RE/MAX is home to the best brokers and the best agents in the world – people who know that education gives them an edge.”



For the past 25 years, RE/MAX Affiliates have put their money where the miracles are. And as the OGS came to a close, a little girl with a larger-than-life voice provided a special moment that attendees will talk about for years to come. Angelica Hale, this year’s Miracle Child, brought the house down with her rousing rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All.”

The performance earned not only a standing ovation but also a bouquet of roses from a surprise guest: Miss America 2017, Savvy Shields.

Brady called the event “a great, great night” before Contos reminded the crowd that no one in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX. Then, as if to illustrate just how bright the future is for RE/MAX and its Affiliates, bright pyrotechnics lit up the stage and R4 was officially underway.

Read the official RE/MAX press release.



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Wish I could be there! This is the first one I missed in years. I’m curious why I haven’t heard a peep about how we are going to compete with discounters on a national level, which I think is the biggest threat to our business in my 30 years of real estate. Redfin is growing by leaps and bounds in our area and their national media blitz has surpassed RE/MAX in visibility. Discounters have come and gone over the years, but none has ever had a national media budget, and a new model utilizing employees instead of independent contractors. There are plenty of lesser agents out there willing to work as Uber drivers for real estate. Ignore them at your own peril, but that’s what we told travel agencies, cab companies and hotels, and they didn’t listen either.

Got to go to the Convention this year!! Was very much worth attending. Always learn so much and come home so excited and motivated. Enjoyed all the speakers it was so worth attending every minute of it. Enjoyed country music concert met many great folks from the US and other countries. Thanks so much to REMAX for the best place in the world to be a part of!!!

The convention was great this year!!! Was worth attending for all of those who have never been it is worth its weight in GOLD!!! You get so much out of being there is person. There is a REMAX energy that fills the room. The speakers are out of this world. Remax does a great job entertaining and keeping a large group entertained. It is very motivational and great learning environment. If you want to learn more about real estate this is the place. Remax does the best job in getting the job done. Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of one of the best real estate companies in the WORLD!!!! It was proven at the convention.

Some things we enjoy, but some things leave us with an everlasting memory and energy to make a difference. My attendance as a new agent to RE/MAX reinforced my belief that you become like those you surround yourself by. Successful business owners surrounded us daily and speakers enlightened us with the extras to help move our business in a profound way. Love being in Nevada, but being back home allows me to build our team and help each member grow their business while enjoying their family and LIFE! Do the work and the rewards will follow….

Thank you, Savvy for being so sweet. Thanks, Daisy for welcoming me at the club and enjoying dancing around. Thank you, Anthony A. for the Team Tips. The Parade of Flags was beautiful. Angelica’s voice was nothing less than angelic! Touched forever! Grateful. Vail Manfre, Louisiana (CALL ME ANYTIME!)

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