2 Strategies Driving RE/MAX Global Growth & Success

By Larry Oberly, RE/MAX Vice President, Global Franchise Development

I recently attended the 2nd RE/MAX Egypt Convention, a meeting of our Middle East and North Africa Region Owners, and the 20th birthday celebration and convention for RE/MAX of Southern Africa. The long flights allowed me to catch up on my stack of SUCCESS Magazines, published by Darren Hardy, and review notes of past sessions with Darren.

The growth and success of RE/MAX in regions such as in Egypt and Southern Africa are direct results of two strategies Darren believes are right for RE/MAX: White Knight Strategy and Take a Stand Strategy.

  • White Knight Strategy states that RE/MAX should demonstrate its leadership in the industry and do what is right for Brokers, Sales Associates and the homebuyer and seller. A White Knight is a catalyst for positive change and the revolution of the real estate industry. Successful RE/MAX Regions have attracted like-kind people who believe in the cause. The impact is that RE/MAX, our mission, philosophy and culture, can change the industry for the better rather than blend in without making a ripple. This is leadership by example at its best.
  • Take a Stand Strategy is about taking sides and making a stand against what is wrong with the industry and identifying a common enemy. RE/MAX that can rally our membership against what we HATE while adopting and promoting what we LOVE. Successful companies are polarizing, and that attracts people with similar views. Darren says that what people hate truly impacts behavior. Let me give you a few examples:
    • RE/MAX loves: family, friends, people we work with, a great environment to work in, a future for our family, freedom, a career or business opportunity, people who care, go-getters, team players, positive people, risk takers – and people who have passion, see challenges and create solutions.
    • RE/MAX hates: negativity, people who give up without trying and who don’t buy in to what works; agents and agencies who take advantage of or rip off their clients; unprofessional agents that ruin it for the rest of us; agency owners who don’t care for their agents; and consumers who think all companies are alike and don’t see the benefit of working with great Brokers and Sales Associates.

These two strategies are fundamental aspects behind Simon Sinek’s 2009 video titled, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”

I was honored to see these two strategies play out. In Egypt, a new Region only a few years old, there are passionate supporters and numerous success stories. In Southern Africa, Brokers, Managers and Sales Associates are setting records for office size and productivity. They’re also doing amazing things for their local communities and working hand-in-hand with the government to truly make a difference.

These two strategies are behind the RE/MAX “Everybody Wins” dream and reality.


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