10 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews

Your potential clients will look for your online reviews, and the Zillow Group
has ideas for making sure they find some


ZillowLogo-HorizontalIn a 2014 survey by BrightLocal, 88 percent of surveyed consumers said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations in most cases. Of those, 32 percent said they place that degree of trust in online reviews as long as there are multiple reviews to read. You can bet that in this digital age, potential clients will look you up online to see your reviews; getting those reviews should be a key objective in your overall marketing plan.


1. Focus on where you want your future business to come from. If you want to attract more buyers, focus on reviews from past buyers. If you are focusing on a specific neighborhood, ask for reviews from all your past clients who live in those areas.

2. Plant the review seed early and mention it often. Let your clients know that you’re going to do everything in your power to earn a five-star review.


3. Keep it personal. Don’t forget, these are past clients you’re approaching. They likely appreciated your work and are prime candidates to give you a great review so give your request the gravitas it deserves.

4. Don’t strive to get only five-star reviews. If you have 6 reviews and they all have five stars, the contacts who read them might become skeptical. Let your clients know that you want their honest and fair opinion, and that it’s ok if they give less than five stars if that’s their true assessment.

5. Make it easy. Offer to send sample content to jog their memory. Most clients are more likely to sign off on sample reviews or tweak pre-populated text than they are to write something from scratch. For the sites on which you want clients to leave a review, like Trulia or Zillow, send them a request through your profile or send a link directly into your review form.

6. Offer a thank you. When your clients sit down to draft a review for you, they’re doing you a favor, so show your appreciation. Send them a mini CMA or comps of recent listings when you request the review. Past clients are often more apt to provide you with a positive review after receiving a useful report that you put together for them. It reminds them that you’re service-oriented and you’re good at what you do!


7. Capture the client’s excitement as soon as possible after closing. Don’t be shy about highlighting something amazing that wouldn’t have happened without your help. When these above-and-beyond moments happened, it’s not uncommon for clients to go out of their way to say you saved the day or express their delight with you.

8. If you don’t get a review soon after closing, follow up! Some agents will use an anniversary to reach out to the client and make the ask. The timing will soften the perception of you being a pest.

9. Mine your database. Identify past clients who never gave you a review and put them on a drip campaign.

10. Plug reviews at your summer barbecue and winter holiday party. No matter how long it’s been since you asked past clients for a review, you can always use your event as a way to reconnect with them, update them on the market and stay on the radar. Happy clients might be more than willing to publicize their association with you and provide a review after seeing you again.

This article is an excerpt courtesy of Zillow Group – read the full guide here.

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