10 iPad Apps Every Agent Should Have

By Chris Smith

Evernote was one of the first-ever iPhone apps and has continued to be extremely popular on the iPad. Taking your notes in Evernote – rather than the default Notepad app – syncs the notes wirelessly across your CPU, mobile device and tablet. Evernote also allows for categories and tags to organize your content. This will be­come your back-up brain.

Photos of homes are still the number one request from buyers shopping for real estate online. Photogene is an app that will make your listing pictures really stand out. Simple-to-use filters and effects can take a picture from ordinary to stellar. Photogene also makes sharing your pictures socially very easy once you’ve enhanced them through a two-click process.

Video and real estate are a match made in heaven. The challenging part of doing video well can be in the editing process. The iMovie app makes this a breeze. The screen space available on the iPad is great for viewing and using the app’s intuitive controls. Several pre-made themes also make for a polished final product.

There is no better way to keep up with your social media marketing efforts than HootSuite. It creates a dashboard with your feeds from Facebook, Twit­ter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and others. The ability to engage with your social sphere regularly is a lot easier with HootSuite.

The 360 Panorama app creates stunning 360-de­gree interactive images using the ’s camera. The images can be shared socially and even embed­ded as content on your website. Consider adding a “360 Degree [insert your city name]” tab to your website and posting shots of your market that you take while you’re out and about.

Having access to any file any time has become a lot easier with the advancements in cloud tech­nology. DropBox has emerged as the leader in this space. With the Dropbox app, not only can you access your documents without taking up any space on your iPad’s hard drive, you can also quickly and easily share any of your images, presentations, PDFs or videos via email while you’re on the go.

Getting an accurate email address and phone number from an open house visitor can be harder than you think. By having visitors regis­ter directly into the Open Home Pro app, rather than using the pen and paper option, your client conversion rate will go up dramatically. The app even sends follow-up emails when there is a price reduction.

There are many real estate apps that pull in MLS data, but the Realtor.com app is simply the best. When an open house visitor comes through the door, you can use the app to show other listings in the neighborhood. You can even have them draw on the map to cre­ate their own “neighborhood.” It’s sure to wow, and then you can transition into Open Home Pro.

The GoodReader app will quickly become your PDF reader and editor of choice. Many real estate contracts are still in PDF format, so the ability to open, edit and sign directly into the PDF using your finger really is priceless.

Zite is a free app that becomes more intelligent as you use it. Read an article on Zite, and your rating of it will determine content you see in the future. Over time, your magazine is personalized for you! Zite integrates with Evernote for saving articles to read later. Zite also makes it easy to share your favorite reads on your social media sites.