10 Great Things About the Boston BOC

This year’s BOC welcomed 950 Broker/Owners from around the world – the highest attendance rate since 2007! Visitors to the event were not disappointed. Below is a sampling of the top announcements, sessions and social events.

  1. RE/MAX 501

On Sunday, nearly 200 Broker/Owners participated in two RE/MAX 501 workshops conducted by Amy Somerville, RE/MAX Vice President, Education & Training. Participants shared great ideas on staffing, teams, marketing, profitability, recruiting and virtually every aspect of running a successful brokerage. If you’re attending the 2016 R4 in Las Vegas, you owe it to yourself to hit 501.

  1. Networking

Harbor Cruise 11

When RE/MAX people get together, the conversations inevitably start flowing. Serious discussion or light socializing; it really doesn’t matter. Getting together as RE/MAX leads to referrals, business ideas and, always, quite a bit of fun.

  1. Boston

Harbor Cruise 2

Being in one of the world’s most interesting cities makes a great event even better.

  1. Sessions


The schedule covered everything from A (advertising) to Z (Zillow). Attendees learned about recruiting, retention, managing teams, business development, social media, marketing, lead conversion, competitive intelligence, diversity, commercial real estate, the luxury market, time management, virtual agents, TILA-RESPA and even succession planning. 

  1. Boston Harbor Cruise

Wow. An amazing evening on an amazing boat filled with amazing people. Watching the shades and hues of the Boston skyline slowly shift as day transformed to evening was a sight to behold. Simply, wow.

Harbor Cruise 9

Harbor Cruise 6

  1. Opening General Session


Dave Liniger looked at the opportunities presented by today’s market. Amy Somerville explained how Momentum is transforming the network. Adam Contos talked about the strategic rewards of providing value. Geoff Lewis described the vision and importance of Project Upstream. Vinnie Tracey capped his remarkable RE/MAX career. And Brian Buffini …. well, he did what he does – challenging attendees to stretch and be the best they can be. The official report is here.

  1. Brand Purpose Video

In addition to unveiling the digital elements of the Why RE/MAX package, Contos presented a new “brand purpose” video produced by Camp + King, the award-winning San Francisco ad agency developing the 2016 national TV ad campaign. The video, which sets the stage for next year’s creative, is on YouTube and can be shared right now.

  1. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social

An incredible $19,500 was raised for kids in under 5 minutes! Thank you for your incredible generosity!

  1. Closing Session

There was nothing routine about the closing session. Like trying to describe your favorite melody, it can’t be adequately explained in words. You had to experience it. Maestro Roger Nierenberg directed a classical orchestra in a way that revealed keen and unexpected insights about leadership, motivation, teamwork, skill and inspiration. And if you were there, you’ll never listen to Brahms the same way again. (Now follow through on the promise you made to yourself to catch a classical concert this fall!)

  1. Vinnie’s Speech

After recalling the 400-member RE/MAX organization he encountered as a 24-year-old in 1977 – no balloon, no tools, no education, no technology; just a grand idea and the determination of “Dave, Gail, Fish and Jes” – President Emeritus Vinnie Tracey capped his remarkable RE/MAX career with class and dignity. “I’ve given you everything I had. But the reality is that you gave me more.” Thanks, VT! You can send Vinnie your best wishes on the RE/MAX Facebook page.

What was YOUR highlight of BOC Boston?


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Best conference. Vinnie Tracey brought me to tears and Brian Buffini had me laughing. Great information. Thank you

The river cruise was spectacular as was the broker 501 class for brokers with 50 or less agents…and also the crazy, fun people I met!!!

The “after sessions” with fellow Broker/Owners is my favorite part of the BOC. Everyone is willing to share what works day to day. It’s invaluable and not available in a classroom.

The one moment that will stay with me forever was Vinnie’s speach.

I found the 501 class to be a great time investment and I got some amazing take aways from my peers.

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