RE/MAX Productivity Unmatched in REAL Trends 500

No surprise here: 2017 REAL Trends 500 report shows RE/MAX agents
outproduce the competition 2:1. Here are five facts to know.

April 2017

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RE/MAX agents averaged 17.2 transaction sides, more than double the average of 7.8 for all other agents in the survey.

RE/MAX was one of only three national franchises with an average exceeding the overall survey average of 8.6 transaction sides per agent.

Of the 1,705 qualifying brokerages, one-third (550) were affiliated with RE/MAX. The nearest competitor placed 395.

RE/MAX agents averaged $4.4 million in sales volume, 76% higher than the $2.5 million average of all other agents in the REAL Trends 500 survey

 At 88, RE/MAX brokerages hold even more of the top 100 spots when all participating brokerages are ranked by average sides per agent.

Source: 2017 REAL trends 500 data, citing 2016 transaction sides and sales volume for the 1,705 largest participating U.S. brokerages (ranked by transaction sides).

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