Profit/Ability: 40+ City Tour Delivers Insights to Brokers

Profit/Ability is coming to you.

From late November through the 2018 R4 convention, RE/MAX leaders will travel across the U.S. and Canada to deliver key insights and strategies to groups of RE/MAX Brokers, Owners and Managers. The tour will stop in over 40 cities.

Profit/Ability is a free, one-day program where RE/MAX senior executives will dive deep into analytics, recruiting/retention best practices, and meaningful shifts in everyday operations.

“Profit/Ability is a game-changer for brokers who want to grow their business,” says RE/MAX Co-CEO Adam Contos. “The program will help brokers focus on critical recruiting and retention activities they may be overlooking.”

In many regions, the tour features a morning session, lunch and an afternoon meeting/workshop. Some stops end at lunch. (Check the schedule in your city – and register to attend – here.)

“It’s a unique opportunity that can help put your business on a path to incredible growth,” Contos says.

See tour dates and locations below.

Date City Speakers
27-Nov Salt Lake City, UT Geoff Lewis, Pete Crowe
28-Nov Calgary, AB Geoff Lewis, Pete Crowe
29-Nov Vancouver, BC Geoff Lewis, Pete Crowe
29-Nov Denver, CO Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
30-Nov Seattle, WA Geoff Lewis, Pete Crowe
11-Dec Ft. Lauderdale, FL Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
11-Dec Philadelphia, PA Kevin Northrup, Amy Somerville
12-Dec Sarasota, FL Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
12-Dec Rochester, NY Josh Bolgren, Tony Adams
12-Dec Pittsburgh, PA Kevin Northrup, Amy Somerville
13-Dec Orlando, FL Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
13-Dec Woodbridge, NJ Josh Bolgren, Tony Adams
13-Dec Cleveland, OH Kevin Northrup, Amy Somerville
14-Dec Birmingham, AL Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
14-Dec Baltimore, MD Josh Bolgren, Tony Adams
14-Dec Columbus, OH Kevin Northrup, Amy Somerville
15-Dec Houston, TX Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
15-Dec Fairfax, VA Josh Bolgren, Tony Adams
8-Jan Anaheim, CA Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
8-Jan Detroit, MI Pete Crowe, Ward Morrison
9-Jan LA/Burbank, CA Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
9-Jan Minneapolis, MN Pete Crowe, Ward Morrison
10-Jan Walnut Creek, CA Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
10-Jan Milwaukee, WI Pete Crowe, Ward Morrison
11-Jan Sacramento, CA Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
11-Jan Indianapolis, IN Pete Crowe, Ward Morrison
12-Jan Portland, OR Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
12-Jan Des Moines, IA Pete Crowe, Ward Morrison
15-Jan Toronto, ON Geoff Lewis, Tony Adams
15-Jan Louisville, KY Kevin Northrup, Ward Morrison
16-Jan Montreal, QC Geoff Lewis, Tony Adams
16-Jan Atlanta, GA Josh Bolgren, Amy Somerville
16-Jan Nashville, TN Kevin Northrup, Ward Morrison
17-Jan Boston, MA Geoff Lewis, Tony Adams
17-Jan Charlotte, NC Josh Bolgren, Amy Somerville
17-Jan St. Louis, MO Kevin Northrup, Ward Morrison
18-Jan Oak Brook, IL Geoff Lewis, Tony Adams
18-Jan Raleigh, NC Josh Bolgren, Amy Somerville
18-Jan Dallas, TX Kevin Northrup, Ward Morrison
19-Jan Kansas City, MO Geoff Lewis, Tony Adams
19-Jan Richmond, VA Josh Bolgren, Amy Somerville
25-Jan Phoenix, AZ Dave Liniger, Adam Contos
25-Feb Las Vegas, NV Dave Liniger, Adam Contos

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