There’s a New Miracle System! Now What?

Find out how to access your account, get training and enter yourself in a drawing for free base registration to the 2017 RE/MAX R4

July 2016

It’s here! The new Miracle System online donation center is now live across the U.S. at

You can log in through MAX/Center right now by entering your username and password. That’s all it takes to get started and continue – or even begin – supporting your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

And when you log in and create your first Honor Card for a client in the new system, you’ll be entered in a drawing for 2017 RE/MAX R4 base registration. There will be three winners, and the drawing will take place after the RE/MAX Month of Miracles ends August 31.

Looking for Miracle System guidance and training? There are so many options!

Reach out to eCare for additional technical support through the eCare Help Center portal or


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