Global Growth by the Numbers: Top Offices Lead the Way

Agent, office and franchise gains across the RE/MAX Global network.

August 2015

With every issue of the Global ABOVE, it’s our pleasure to recognize the RE/MAX Regions that have demonstrated growth through the prior calendar quarter. Since RE/MAX LLC is a public company, we can only provide recognition based on publicly shared information. So, even though this issue of the Global ABOVE reached you in August, the results are through June 30, 2015.

Congratulations to the following regions for leading the growth at RE/MAX in Net Agent Gain, Net Office Gain and Franchise Sales. Recognition is divided into three categories, based on how long a region is open, as follows: Rookie, under 5 years; Premier, between 5 and 10 years; and Veteran, more than 10 years.

Click here for the full results in each category.

Net Agent Gain Veteran Regions Premier Regions Rookie Regions
#1 Portugal Sao Paulo, Brazil Egypt
#2 Southern Africa Ecuador South Korea
#3 Spain Bolivia Paraguay
#4 Italy Hungary Ukraine
#5 Argentina Colombia United Arab Emirates
Net Office Gain Veteran Regions Premier Regions Rookie Regions
#1 Argentina & Venezuela Sao Paulo, Brazil Egypt
#2 Romania Paraguay
#3 Southern Africa & Spain Tunisia Telegana, India
#4 West Bengal, India
#5 Australia
Franchise Sales Veteran Regions Premier Regions Rookie Regions
#1 Italy & Portugal SP, Brazil & Ecuador Egypt
#2 S. Korea & Lebanon
#3 Australia Romania & Slovakia
#4 Israel
#5 Spain

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